The CDT Approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

It has been argued for some time that NLP needs academic credibility if it is to go forward into the 21st century and be taken seriously (Grimley, 2016).
There is no point me writing about it here when Dr Grimley said it so well. Please click here for his research paper.

However, there is a point to introducing Dynamic Intelligence here as it incorporates the four pillars of Constructed Development: Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response(TM). This is because every single facet of NLP can be deconstructed into the framework of:

If we take one example:

By using this method, I am emphasising a more developmental dialogue (i.e. not therapy) to tease out your thinking construction in the moment, and by writing down key phrases you use (Thinking Style), it is possible to ask you to place those phrases on the corresponding Development Grid reference in order to ascertain your own perceived level of development for your own language use. This then allows me to ask the most appropriate developmental questions about construction.

Having the client tell me where their thinking stands developmentally is not how current coaching works.

Can you see the shift in the dynamic?

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