The CDC Approach

Constructed Developmental Coaching is different from traditional coaching. CDC radically changes how we think about Coaching as it ensures the suitability of the coach (me) for the client (you) by ensuring the Coach’s Dynamic Intelligence is at least a level higher than the client’s to begin with. This is a much more ethical approach to the Coach/Client relationship. For a fuller description of how CDT impacts my coaching approach, please click here for a document.

CDC is not a system that is applied to the client, as is often the case, but one that is pulled from the client in order to tease out their construction of self, in a Real-Time Modelling approach. In this way, we move away from the ideas of coaches and therapists entirely, towards a more Interventionist approach. A lot of coaches are stuck in their need for a framework, as they cannot coach you without one (e.g. GROW). Now consider how limiting that perspective is. Would you want a limited approach, or an approach that focuses on your construction of you, rather than your problem?

By using this method, I am emphasising a more developmental dialogue (i.e. not therapy) to tease out your thinking construction in the moment, and by writing down key phrases you use (Thinking Style), it is possible to ask you to place those phrases on the corresponding Development Grid reference in order to ascertain your own perceived level of development for your own language use. This then allows me to ask the most appropriate developmental questions about construction.

Having the client tell me where their thinking stands developmentally is not how current coaching works.

Can you see the shift in the dynamic?

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