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I have spent a decade untangling Constructed Development Theory from the rigors of existing psychology, and after publication, it is now gaining traction within business and academia, both here and in the rest of the world. There are now TWO Masters Dissertations based on my theory, and almost three PhD's about to be based on CDT too. I have given talks and seminars across Europe, with a range of positive audience results!

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Cogitandi Mea Intentio Est, Ergo Sum

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Constructed Development Theory

By way of introduction, the video below sees me interviewed by Sean Ellis who does an excellent job uncovering the facets of CDT and how they are supported by the doctoral research. Your opinion is welcome should you wish to email me.

Developmental Onion

Development is not necessarily about Stages

Zone of Dynamic Development

The measure of your self-awareness

Flow of Dynamic Development

Which path will you take?

A Formula

DR is a Function of...

Thinking Quotient

The measure of your self-awareness

Thinking Styles

Combination of Cognitive Intentions

The Books

These books come from the research

Awareness Scale

The simplest way to illustrate CDT

Development Journey

There is a grid of how we think

The Art of Coaching

An external Coaching site

Dynamic Responsiveness

With help from Calvin & Hobbes


This site is coming soon

Developmental Expertise

Using Constructed Development Theory as the foundation for cognitive growth, there are a number of programs my business offers that will help your employees grow their thinking and awareness to better-aid their work. Go to my CogniLibro site for more.

Team Development

This program walks and talks your team up through developmental from a CDT perspective using a bespoke scenario method called the Three Leaders Programme....

Developmental Leadership

Based on the principles within CDT that ensures the clients has the most appropriate level of mentor...

Awareness Quotient

If you are interested in discovering your own construction of self...

Growth Podcast

Listen to a Podcast with Growth Execution and me

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